Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is JAARD? How did you come up with it?
A. JAARD is a unique name for the company. It was created by Jen, however she wanted to make something that her children would also want to be a part of. One day she was sitting there and was trying to come up with a name for the business that would not only encompass her children but also reflect what the company did. The everyone's initials flashed in front of her. Jaard is the first name of her children and their last names combined all together to make a word, that ALSO represented the fact that the majority of their products were in jars. So not only does the name mean alot to the children it also put the company into the jar as well! Although we spell it with an extra A it just makes us a little unique. Plus, we all love to talk anyway SO it gives us a talking point to start a memorable conversation!


Q. What made you start doing this kind of work?
A. I have two children and noticed a big difference in there behaviors and attitudes when i switched to Organic food. So it made me think that the skin is the largest organ on our body and everything we put on it soaks into our body and also effects us. I was having a hard time finding good items that didn't contain chemicals or acids, so I began to make them myself.
Q. Why use all natural or organic products?
A. Due to the added chemicals in everyday ingredients it is proven that these chemicals can cause dry skin, lowered immune system and cancer along with other issues that are being covered up. 
Q. Do you offer custom orders?
A. Yes, of course we do!
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes, contact us for a shipping quote!
Q. Where are you located? Do you have a local store?
A. I am located in Jackson, MI. I do not have my own store but I do have an Etsy Shop, can be found on Facebook and I have my Pumice Foot Scrub Bar in Dr. White's Podiatrist Office. Not everything I offer is there just some items that sell well there. I am also looking at being into other stores also so if you are interested in featuring my items in your store please contact us at  I also am set up at the farmers market in Manitou Beach, MI most weekends they are open unless I am spending time with my family. If you want to know when i will be there feel free to email and we will be sure to get you that answer as soon as we know what weekends we will be there!
Q. Do you offer delivery?
A. If you are local within in Jackson or willing to travel here, I will be glad to meet you at a local store to exchange items but they still must be paid for first. 
Q. Can I use my own shipper?
A. Due to previous scam attempts, I will not ship through anyone except my own shipping options. Those are usually USPS or UPS as they have better pricing. If I can offer my clients better shipping rates, I will!
Q. When are you open? What are your hours? How can I ask a questions?
A. I am available by email anytime I am awake at or by phone from 8am-5pm Mondays - Saturdays. I am usually always available unless I am spending time with my children, family or if i happen to be sleeping!  If I can not answer the phone right away please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can!
Q. Do you offer Wholesale?
A. Yes we do, however the prices on the website are retail prices. I will offer wholesale it you are looking to place the items in your store or feature them online. Please contact for more information or for a quote.